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Posse Comitatus

Saturday afternoon farm auctions
channeled the spooks
of Northern WI, the relentless
accusations, a narrative
of kerosene nights
sheltered off marginal
county roads, as much else
in Shawano & Marathon Counties,
ending badly, the glacial
scraped spate of acreage restoring
Ed Gein's fallen lineage,

skins collected
& stitched sans
circulation to arouse beneath
the grain (taxidermists
by the score do well in the woods here) as if
the, allegorical lady stepping
grains in hand from the disc dawn fanned
wide for bountiful
                                 WI the mimetic lady
on the Great Seal
were anything but
a celebration
in skin, our seeds her wake

trespass on corn & grains
               by government
over the sublunar abraded ground

                    sinkholes deemed wetlands
                       & undrainable
                                           in the best interests
                       of cranes.    Relearn
                       a corner section
                                   of sour vegetation

o the virulent sense of property
the Swedes & Germans
Norwegians & Mountainside
Swiss brought into
the clutch
                  of northern counties
whose acreage yielded
families & skirmishes

                      stones in family plots
carved creamy rock quarried
for a favored dead pet

& kinship
the sweat
off the backs they beat
with branches

their own
a sort of old world kingdom
of heat, to sweat over
& wall up
                   in lodges

built off the side
of farms foreclosed
on them

farmers in shirtsleeves
prominent in Milwaukee
to hear George Wallace
his platform as tolerant
as a chainsaw &

aroused they
dashed down the gall

apricot brandy’s
a resource unlisted

by the DNR
in Madison

as are
(quoting Jerome Daly


a "good pump-action
12-gauge shotgun

& a high-powered

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