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The Celeb Ghazals

X's movie's a hit.  When he's not on the green, he's seen with
ex sport stars & gangsters, OK Freddy, barer of a fabled phallus.

Fabulous evenings at the house behind the H'wood Ranch Market.
A star now, he won't step on a floor painted with a pentacle.

When she sang at Dem. fund raisers, her flanks heaved & her breasts
were Catherine wheels.  Cld Cossacks reach Beverly Hills?

His fondness for his pal, the rebel star, infallible.  In his tell-
all account, mentions of Chablis, motorcycle & erection problems.

On the rim of the half-built swimming pool on the hillside talk of
Sister Aimee, hand in my pants, & the Sister Is scams to celebrate.

The prosecutor, D.As office, LA, often ill-prepared but her
boots, ostrich, were Charlie Dunn's, $3,000 sed the press coverage.

Vehemently she aborts herself, screams, the threading coat hanger.
Later she sez, I'm passing liquids!  Ciao!  Sweetie.

Her backyard's a variant of the Florida Keys, with lots of bug
spray.  The center fold's Papal obeisance to Heff, the Flesh Saver.

Quartered & still cumbersome, her body's a cotton-pickin' shame,
cough up her name, the family demanded.  Black Dahlia.  Elizabeth.

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