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   an video interview from 2003 on CD, .mp4 format, including two of his original poems read by Carl

ONLY $3 postpaid


In October 2003 we shot video of Carl for the documentary film THE TAO OF POETRY. This interview footage has been compiled in its entirety, including the pre-interview setup; cameras were rolling and Carl was trying hard to be patient with the filmmakers!

Though some of his remarks center around his friend, the poet Howard McCord, Carl also offers many thoughts on poetry in general that will be of interest to all fans of the genre. And at the end of the interview, Carl reads two of his poems: "The Wittgenstein Ode" and "Sun Ode 706 For Sam Phillips" (you can also hear SUN ODE as a free audio file, below)

The interview concluded abruptly when the camera malfunctioned...but until then, you do get to see and hear Carl, uninhibited and honest, telling you how he thought it was, with no bullshit.

WATCH TRAILER 1   MWV format, 1 minute 07 seconds, 3.54 meg file

WATCH TRAILER 2   MWV format, 1 minute 05 seconds, 3.37 meg file

   MWV format, 1 minute 03 seconds, 3.34 meg file

WATCH TRAILER 4   MWV format, 1 minute 15 seconds, 4.15 meg file

WATCH TRAILER 5   MWV format, 1 minute 20 seconds, 4.33 meg file

We're offering 40 MINUTES WITH CARL at our cost---only $3, 1st Class Postage paid. This isn't a commercially replicated disc BUT IS DIGITALLY IDENTICAL, with equal quality. You get a CD suitable for playback on your computer or any device capable of playing .mp4 files.

You can order by mail by sending $3 [CASH ONLY] for each CD wanted to:

Possibility X Media
PO BOX 18542
Oklahoma City OK 73154
QUESTIONS? email me at x -at- possibilityx -dot- com


Here's an audio clip of Carl reading his poem SUN ODE 706 FOR SAM PHILLIPS
Clip is in Windows Media Audio format, 1.43 meg in size, and 6:06 in duration




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